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As a Melton Mowbray Equine Photographer, I have a lot of conversations about horses. However, the best comment from a recent discussion was this one…

Horses are ‘just a hobby.’  

Yes, someone said this to me, not realising just how far off the mark they were! Horses are not ‘just a hobby; they are your whole world. They capture your hearts, and they are your family. Your horses walk by your sides for so many years that it soon becomes hard to remember a time when they weren’t a part of your families, and as a Melton Mowbray Equine Photographer, I understand this more than most.

The relationship between horse and owner have such a deeply personal and special one that words could never do all that emotion justice. However, photographs can, and I feel such privilege that I can photograph a love such as this.

In your equine session, I will capture that bond between yourself and your majestic family member in a series of images that show how beautiful and powerful your relationship is. As an award-winning photographer, I can assure you that you will only ever get top quality images in your finished Gallery.

I will do liberty, coloured & textured background images, posed pasture photography, and of course, those all-important horse and owner shots. These can be the rider and jump or naturally posed photos to show that beautiful relationship between you and your horse. 

I can carry out the session in your yard or anywhere in Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham or Grantham if you can transport.

Dawn x
Dawn Hilton Photography Award Winning


I had a great photo soot with Dawn and my horse!
She was very friendly and professional!
I would definitely recommend her to anyone for any photoshoot!!
I can’t wait for my next one!!

Kirsty Crawford (& Carrick)




What do you get from your Equine Session?

Equine Sessions are between 1 to 2 hours in duration

Session prices are for one horse. If you wish to include more horses, we can discuss this at your Consultation.

All Collections are PRINT Collections 

Your chosen Print Collection will come with matching Digitals.

Matching Digitals are delivered as both High Resolution; and come with full printing rights and Low Resolution, suitable for sharing on social media. 

All Digitals come in both colour and black & white versions.

A £50.00 non-refundable Session Fee is required upon booking, and this will be deducted from your chosen Collection price below.  

Please note that the Session Fee does not include any images or products

Select your chosen collection and book your session with your very own Melton Mowbray Equine Photographer by using the following link:




10 x  10*8 mounted prints, presented in a beautiful soft touch print box with ribbon tie closure


All Gallery images as Digitals


Facebook timeline cover


Personalised slideshow of all of your images


£100.00 wall art credit


£50.00 session voucher




10 x 10*8 mounted prints, presented in a beautiful soft touch print box with ribbon tie closure


10 x Matching Digitals


£50.00 wall art credit




5 x 10*8 loose prints, presented in a beautiful print box


5 x Matching Digitals


Award Winning
Your Heirloom


Once your session with your Melton Mowbray Equine Photographer is complete and I get back home,  I will then busy myself away professionally editing all the best images.

I will ask you to book a Viewing Appointment (leave the horse at home!), where you get to sit back with a glass of something sparkling (other drinks are available!) and enjoy your personalised slideshow of all your beautiful images.

This slideshow will be yours to keep should you choose the Stallion Collection.

You now choose which images to include in your selected Collection, choose your Wall Art, and pay your Session balance.

You can, of course, always upgrade your Collection at this appointment, should you not be able to choose between them all.


Once you have chosen your Collection, we can then discuss the various ways you can display your favourite images in your home to cherish forever and, of course, to show off to your friends and family.


A photograph is the pause button of life

I offer many wall art styles and frames to display your favourite images and sizes to suit all homes and wall space.

To make the most of your heirloom, I will discuss the most suitable wall art for you and the images in question at your Viewing Appointment.


Thank you so much, Dawn, for capturing her beauty, elegance and her kind soul all in one picture.

Lorraine Diment (& Libby)

Raves & Reviews

Your Questions

On any shoot I do I will take time for your horse to be comfortable with both myself and any equipment I use. I like to use natural lighting, so there will be no flashes to spook them. Having a good bag of tricks to get their attention to get those ears forward also helps.

Don’t fear if you feel your yard or pasture isn’t photogenic, I can turn the most functional of yard into a stunning background! However, if you wanted a more scenic location and can transport, I will happily follow you to your chosen local destination.

The good old British weather is a fickle thing. Any outdoor shoot that is booked will be subject to change, and sometimes at short notice. There will be no charge for you if a shoot has to be rescheduled, but rest assured your shoot will go ahead as soon as the weather permits.

All sessions can cater for 1, and this is included in your Collection price.
If you require more horses to be included in your session, please contact me to discuss.

Dawn Hilton Photography Melton Mowbray Photographer


If you want a photoshoot with an award-winning Melton Mowbray Equine Photographer based in Leicestershire, I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions before booking, give me a call on 07570305101 or fill in the Contact Form below.

Alternatively, you can go right ahead and book by clicking:


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