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Hello from your award-winning Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer

When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal, I see a living being, I see a friend. I feel a soul.
– A.D. Williams

Since the day I was born, all I have known is having pets by my side and that unmistakable love that comes with them.

From Bob, the graceful German Shepherd born just a few months after myself and passed over Rainbow Bridge at 13, to Monkers, the Black Long Haired cat who lived to the ripe old age of nearly 20 years, and countless others in between. 

Fast forward to today, and I now have the privilege of sharing my life with Roger, the amazingly daft Chocolate Labrador who makes me laugh every single day with his antics, and our Tabby cat Clinker, who, well, erm, let’s just say I think she tolerates us. 

I sadly know all too well how our faithful friends only get to walk by our sides for what seems like the blink of an eye.

Each four-legged family member has left an indelible impression on my heart, and I cherish the photographs I have of them that I can look at every day.

This is why having a professional photo shoot for your pets – at least just once in their short lives – is so vitally important.

Melton Mowbray Photographer. Head and Shoulders of a Tabby cat, having a studio Pet Photography Session with Dawn Hilton Photography, Melton Mowbray Photographer,, Leicestershire

Who Are The Sessions For?

We all must take a million phone snaps of our furry friends throughout their lifetime, am I right?

Maybe even one or two get printed off at the local print shop?

But, I want to take that phone snapshot further and create something our faithful companions deserve.

As an award-winning Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer, I will create beautifully edited images that I can frame in stunning wall art that will become your home’s statement pieces.

Those precious photographs will take centre stage and adorn your walls forever.

Offering sessions for your dog(s), cats(s) or both together.  I have also been known to photograph farm animals, so whatever your pet, I am your woman!

We can do a studio session, an outdoor session or a mix of both

I can come to your home with my mobile set up for house cats or any pet that is ill, impaired, or end of life.

Black Spaniel, sitting on a rock, having an outdoor pet photography session with Dawn Hilton Photography in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Dog Sessions

As a Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer and fellow dog owner, I have had the pleasure of having dogs in my life for decades.  

It never ceases to amaze me how a dog can go from being so graceful, majestic even, fiercely protective and willing to throw their lives down for you.

To becoming an absolute slobbering mess of a goofball and doing the stupidest things, you wonder if they even have a brain cell in working order!

This is why dogs are just the best and make my heart smile!

With this in mind, in every studio session, I not only capture that majestic quality, but I also like to capture a few goofy shots to show off our pets as they truly are.

I also offer Doggy Cake Smash sessions which are such fun to do!

Husky x Malamute dog with heterochromia, with a purple background having an indoor pet photography session with Dawn Hilton Photography in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Cat Sessions

Cats always seem to be one of those marmite animals. You either love them or hate them. Me? I LOVE them!

We love our cats, they tolerate us, and we can have them sharing our homes for a good 20 years, give or take! But, unfortunately, there never seems to be Cat Photographers who can capture their personalities and characters, as with our dogs.

Well, look no further!

As an award-winning Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer, I can capture both your dogs AND your cats.

Independent or not, there is nothing a cat won’t do for a treat, a toy, catnip or if they are being real sassy, a laser pen. So trust me when I say, I got this!

I can do both studio-style shots here in my secure Melton Mowbray studio, or I can come to you and do action shots outdoors in your garden or home if you have a house cat.

Maine Coon Cats face looking out of a pile of logs, having an outdoor photography session with Dawn Hilton Photography in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

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What is included

  • A Prep Guide sent out to you before your session
  • Includes up to two dogs or cats from the same family
  • Two hour photoshoot
  • Choice of studio or location setting
  • Multiple set-ups for studio sessions, with full use of backdrops and props
  • Please note that a non refundable session fee of £49.00 is required to secure your session date*

The Collections


  • Choice of Colour OR Black & White Images


  • Choice of Colour OR Black & White Images


  • whole gallery of images IN Colour AND Black & White
best value

AFTER Your pet Photoshoot

Once your Pet Photoshoot is complete you will be asked to book in a viewing appointment at my Melton Mowbray studio, where you get to sit back and enjoy a slideshow of all your gallery images, choose your favourites, and purchase the Collection that suits from the choices above.

Dawn Hilton Photography, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Grantham and Market Harborough

A little about your Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer

I adore both dogs and cats and have had both in my home since the day I was born (which is a LONG time), which is why I have a passion for Pet Photography.

With dogs, I love their cuteness, the connection, the love that shows in their eyes when they look at their owners, and of course, how can I not love how daft they can be. They melt my heart.

With our cats, I admire their sassy, aloof nature, their independence, and the way they look down their noses at you (or is that my cat who does that?)

So, when I first took up photography as a hobby all those years ago, becoming a Pet Photographer was a no-brainer.

Fast forward to today, and I am now an award-winning Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer and a Qualified member of the Guild of Professional Photographers, specialising in Pet & Equine Photography.

So, I can assure you that your Gallery of images will have as much love and attention given to them as your pets deserve.

To know more about the woman behind the lens, click here

Dawn x
Dawn Hilton Photography, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Loughborough and Market Harborough


Dawn is brilliant! She’s so lovely, and her work is amazing. I got some beautiful pictures of my cat. She has a heart for all the animals she photographs. Dawn was very good with my cat as it was his first-ever photo shoot. I would recommend Dawn to anyone looking to get professional photographs of their cats xxx

Chloe Elizabeth (& Rory)

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Your Questions

It would be great if your dog has a good ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, especially for the studio sessions, but you will be amazed at what I can do with food or a squeaky toy! Leads can be edited out on the outdoor sessions, so again, I can accommodate pretty much any dog & behaviour!
You cat does not need any training what so ever! So long as they can be captivated by a toy, food, or a laser pen, then we are good to go! The sessions are tailored to work with your cat and capture those all important shots as and when they happen naturally.
On any shoot I do I always take the time to get to know your dog and I allow time for your dog to be comfortable with both myself and any equipment. I have a long lens also, so on outdoor shoots I can be placed at a distance to get your shots, whilst your dog happily plays around.
I will always take the time to get to know your cat and for them to be comfortable with both myself and any equipment. Having a bag full of tricks to entice your cat to where I want them to be to get those all important shots, but we will do them at your cats pace and not mine!
The good old British weather is a fickle thing. Any outdoor shoot that is booked will be subject to change, and sometimes at short notice. There will be no charge for you if a shoot has to be rescheduled, but rest assured your shoot will go ahead as soon as the weather permits.
Indoor or outdoor cats, it makes no difference! No, we won’t be able to get those shots of your cat hunting or stalking in the long grass, but we can still capture that ‘natural’ behaviour inside also, with stalking of a toy or laser pen!
Yellow Labrador Retriever and a Brown Springer Spaniel, sat together in front of a brown shed wall, having an outdoor pet photography session with Dawn Hilton Photography, based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Book Your Melton MowBray Pet Photographer

If you wish to book your Dog or Cat Session with your Melton Mowbray Pet Photographer, please select your preferred date and time from the calendar below.

Please note that your chosen date and time will not be confirmed until the session fee is paid.

I will be in touch once your session is booked, so listen out for my call and don’t forget to check your spam folders for my emails!


Got questions?  Would you like to have a chat before you book? Fill in the enquiry form and Dawn will be in touch.

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