• Dawn Hilton

Tips for Snapping your Dog on your Mobile

So you have made the decision to get a dog, whether that be from a breeder or from a rescue centre, it matters not. What does matter is having enough storage space on your mobile because very soon both it and your social media accounts will be full to the brim of cute snaps of your new family member!


As your local professional pet photographer I can tell you that in order to get that perfect cute shot of your woof-bags it has taken years of training, lots of very expensive equipment, top of the range editing suites, endless hours of practice, and a bucket full of patience!

However a professional photographer can't be there by your side every day of your dogs life, as much as that would be a dream!


So you are left to take those shots yourself and as much as you try, you just cannot capture your dogs personality in your images, or indeed your dog! They run off, they hide, they are just a blur of fluff, and, whatever you do, you can not get that perfect cute shot you see others capture. It can be very deflating when your images don't quite match the mark of a professional photography shoot.

Worry not, as I am going to help you out with just a few very simple tips on how to make your phone snaps ooze the cuteness of your dog!

Tip 1: Find the right location! Don't take shots of Fido in your bedroom, next to an unmade bed with last nights laundry on the floor, or outside sat next to their steaming pile of poop they have just done. Backgrounds WILL get noticed!

Tip 2:

Avoid the blur! Try to steady yourself when you take your mobile snaps to eliminate any camera shake. Holding your breath could help or steadying your phone on a flat surface. To capture that motion of a running dog try to follow the running line with your camera as steady as possible, and this will give you a lovely blurred background and a clear sharp subject.

Tip 3:

Watch your angles! Try to take images of your dog at their level, not yours, and change that perspective.

Tip 4: Editing! If you can spot things in the background that you missed or slobber hanging from their mouth then try to edit them out as this will give you a distraction free image.

Tip 5:

Keep your dog safe! Don't force your dog into a position he or she doesn't want to be in just to get that cute shot and don't put your dog into a precarious position next to a potentially dangerous situation just to get 'The Instagram Shot'. This tip is the most important of all! It isn't great for your dog and it really doesn't make for great images.

Tip 6: Hire your local professional to get at least one good shot of your new family addition within their lifetime. Our dogs are our best friends but they are sadly only with us for a blink of an eye, so at least once in their lifetime I would recommend getting a professional to capture their personalities and frame that image to hang on your walls forever.

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